2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign

How to Use this Resource

This kit was created to complement and support the Secretary of Defense's (SECDEF) 2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign.

The elements included in this kit are:

  • A high level overview of the Security Stand Down
  • Agency and component responsibilities
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Information and resources

Who Should Use this Resource

Security Education, Training, and Awareness (SETA) Managers can use this kit to become familiar with the 2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign and their responsibilities, support the stand down, and reinforce operations security concepts.


The SECDEF has mandated four courses for all Department of Defense personnel — military, civilian, and on-site contractors — to take to reinforce operations security and prevent unauthorized disclosures. The courses must be taken within a 60 day period after the SECDEF signs the memo directing this action.

A video message from the SECDEF highlighting the significance of security and recent concerns will accompany these courses in a "2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign" package and will be posted on the Security Awareness Hub (SAH) hosted by the Center for Development of Security Excellence (CDSE).

DoD personnel are required to view the video of the SECDEF's intention for the stand down and complete the CDSE training and corresponding exams, or component/agency equivalent training.

Agency/Component Responsibility

The agency or component will be responsible for determining how they will track completions and communicate how they would like personnel to submit completion certificates. NOTE: Due to the number of personnel and agencies impacted, CDSE will not be able to provide reports or transcripts of completions.

Security Stand Down Website

The 2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign package and video can be accessed on the SAH at: https://securityawareness.usalearning.gov/2020-dod-security-stand-down.

After completing each course, a course completion certificate can be downloaded or printed for submission as directed by the component or agency. The SAH does not retain records.


Who is impacted?
All DoD military, civilian, and  on-site contractors.

Who is responsible for tracking completions?
Tracking completions will be determined by the component or agency.

My personnel took some of this training within the last 12 months, do they need to take it again?
Yes, per the SECDEF's memo, all DoD civilian, military, and on-site contractor personnel are required to take or retake this training within 60 days after the memo is released.

Can personnel take the courses in STEPP?
DoD personnel are expected to take these courses on the Security Awareness Hub location or, in minor cases, STEPP. Per the memo, components have the option to provide their own equivalent training.

Are the SCORM files available for distribution?
CDSE course files are not available for distribution to run on other Learning Management Systems.

Add Information to Your Intranet Portal and Resources

Write about the 2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign... Share information via email distribution lists, newsletters, announcements, social media, etc. For messaging ideas, use the language featured below.


As a part of a mandated Operations Security Campaign, the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) has designated the following courses, or authorized component equivalent training, as required training for all of DoD personnel — civilian, military, and on-site contractors. DoD personnel are required to view the video of the SECDEF's intention for the stand down and complete this training within 60 days after the SECDEF signs the memo.

2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign Mandatory Courses

  • OPSEC Awareness for Military Members, DoD Employees and Contractors
  • Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information for DoD and Industry
  • Insider Threat Awareness
  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Or component or agency equivalent training

These courses are accessible through the Security Awareness Hub (SAH). After taking a course, students will be required to print or save their completion certificate for submission to their component as directed. Tracking completions is the responsibility of the agency or component.

The 2020 DoD Operations Security Campaign training can be accessed at: https://securityawareness.usalearning.gov/2020-dod-security-stand-down.

Supplemental Information

Download to use on your intranet portal or newsletter, or print and display these posters throughout your facility to reinforce operations security. More posters can be found on the CDSE website.

Loose Lips Sink Ships
Loose Lips Sink Ships
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Unauthorized Disclosure - Tweet
Unauthorized Disclosure - Tweet
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Free Speech
Free Speech
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Tweets Sink Fleets
Tweets Sink Fleets
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
Vigilance is the Key
Vigilance is the Key
8.5 x 11
17 x 22
IT Mitigation
Insider Threat Mitigation
8.5 x 11
17 x 22

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