Conference, Conventions, or Trade Shows

Please consider the following questions regarding how you protect your technology, information and personnel at conferences, conventions or trade shows.

Q1. How do you prepare employees who will be attending and/or presenting at conferences, conventions or trade shows where foreign nationals are present?

  • Contact DCSA prior to CC&T to obtain threat information specific to the event and brief employees who will attend. (i.e. AUSA, Paris Air Show, etc.).
  • Instruct employees to take mock up displays instead of operational technology.
  • Instruct employees to not make their travel known via social media by posting pictures or tweeting.
  • Review all presentation material for sensitive or protected information.
  • Instruct employees to report offers of all-expense paid trips to attend/present at multi-national conferences.

Q2. How do you prebrief foreign travelers on host nation and third country foreign intelligence capabilities and intentions?

  • Pre-brief employees who will attend CC&T on what information is protected and what information is authorized for public release.
  • Brief employees to report all instances of requests for proprietary, export controlled or sensitive information.
  • Brief employees on solicitation and elicitation techniques used by foreign entities.
  • Instruct employees to not connect electronic devices to unsecured networks.
  • Brief employees on who to contact during the event, if unusual activities occur.
  • Brief employees on techniques used by foreign intelligence, especially at airports and hotels.
  • Instruct employees report suspicious contacts during the event.

Q3. How do you debrief employees who attend conferences, conventions and trade shows?

  • Instruct employees to report post-event contacts.

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