Please consider the following questions regarding how you protect your technology, information and personnel from requests for information or to purchase technology received in the mail?

Q1. How do you prepare employees who, via mail, receive requests for technology or information?

Q2. How do you prepare employees who, via mail, receive solicitations to enter business relationships for goods or services (ie foreign entities seeking to become your overseas distributor, or to supply you with goods or services)?

  • Report all suspicious or new solicitations.
  • Cross reference solicitors with OFAC denied entries list, State Department entity list.
  • Be suspicious of residential addresses and addresses for P.O. boxes (Anti-Terrorism Best Practice).
  • Do not accept packages that are wet, oily, or have protruding wires (Anti-Terrorism Best Practice).
  • Ensure classified information is properly packaged and mailed in accordance with NISPOM or the contract.

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