Personal Contact

Please consider the following questions regarding how you protect your technology, information and personnel from exploitation via personal contact?

Q1. How do you educate employees of solicitation/elicitation techniques?

  • Brief employees on common indicators of solicitation/elicitation.
  • Brief employees on how to deflect solicitation/elicitation attempts.
  • Brief employees on what information is protected and what information is authorized for public release.
  • Instruct employees to report requests for proprietary, export controlled, or sensitive information.
  • Instruct employees to direct questions to the facility's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) web page.

Q2. How do you educate employees to recognize and report potential espionage indicators in co-workers?

  • Brief employees on potential espionage indicators and how to report questionable activities by co-workers.

Q3. How do you educate employees on the risks of providing information on publically accessible websites, including social and professional networking sites and company websites?

  • Brief employees on what information should not be posted on job or networking sites (i.e. not advertising clearance/access information; not directly associating with specific military programs/technologies, etc.).

Q4. How do you restrict unauthorized access to your facilities?

  • Facility has effective entry control procedures.
  • Facility has effective surveillance, guards, and physical security.

Q5. How do you prepare employees for foreign travel?

  • Travel with sanitized laptop / electronic devices.
  • Conduct pre and post scans of electronic devices.
  • If possible, avoid using foreign provided lockboxes for electronic devices.
  • Recommend traveling and staying developed urban locations close to major thoroughfares.
  • When feasible travel in pairs.
  • Travel via major thoroughfares.
  • Avoid taking pictures of police or government personnel and/or buildings.

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