Social or Professional Networking

Please consider the following questions regarding how you protect your technology, information and personnel from social networks?

Q1. Do you post-employment opportunities?

  • Human Resources personnel and/professors are aware of indicators of foreign efforts to exploit access and placement
  • Personnel are aware of which positions require U.S. citizenship and security clearances and do not engage about positions with non-qualified candidates.
  • Personnel report unsolicited resume submissions, from foreign persons, to the FSO and Human Resources.

Q2. Do you mask metadata when posting images and video?

  • On mobile applications, turn off location services.

Q3. How do you train personnel who update corporate social networking sites?

  • Train personnel on sensitivity of corporate and personnel information.
  • Limit amount of potentially sensitive corporate data posted to social media.
  • Scrutinize contact and communications across social media.
  • Employees use secure browser settings when possible and monitor browsing history.
  • Minimize social network profiles to limit access to employee information.
  • Employees use secure browser settings when possible and monitor browsing history.

Q4. How do you educate employees of the risk posed by posting personal information on social networking sites?

  • For personal use associated with the facility, do not post recognizable landmarks or date time stamps.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information on social networks.
  • Instruct employees to establish connections only with people they know and trust.
  • Instruct employees to avoid posting or tagging images of themselves or their families that clearly show their face.

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