Scene Description:

The Director of a federal agency is standing in her office speaking via a video feed.


Earl, we just got another message from Disgruntled. He says that he has infected the agency's computer network with a malware virus, that will wipe out all of our data if we don't pay him a ransom of $20 million. The malware will activate in 15 minutes. The only way to stop it is with the deactivation code. I have placed the building on complete lockdown, so every room is sealed off. You're our only hope for deactivating the malware in time. As a part of our contingency planning, there is a manual override lock in each room that will allow you to move to the next room. But the means to open each lock is hidden somewhere in the room.

Earl, time is ticking. Find that deactivation panel and deactivate the malware before we lose everything.