Counterintelligence Awareness and Reporting Course for DOD

This course is designed to explain the role each individual has in counterintelligence. CI Awareness and Reporting summarizes the potential threats and collection methods used by Foreign Intelligence Entities (FIE), Potential Espionage Indicators (PIE), warning signs of terrorism, and reporting responsibilities. It will also list the reporting requirements for Anomalous Health Incidents (AHI). An Anomalous Health Incident is when one or more individuals may experience an unexplained sensory event coupled with physical symptoms.

NOTE 1: If you are completing this course as a prerequisite for a CDSE instructor-led course or as part of a specific CDSE training curriculum, you must take the exam (CI116.06) on STEPP to receive credit for completion. You may register for the course/exam via STEPP. A passing score of 75% on the final exam allows students to print a certificate of successful completion.


  1. You may attempt this course an unlimited number of times.
  2. The quiz must be completed from start to finish in a single session. There is no bookmarking available.
  3. You must receive a passing score (75%) in order to receive a certificate for this course.
  4. You must print or save a local copy of the certificate as proof of course completion. CDSE does not maintain records of course completions.

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